Treehouse Goodies Shoot

Shoot date: April 25, 2022, 1:00pm - 4:00pm (12:30pm - 4:30pm for crew)

Note: The images included below are pictures from previous issues of Goodies, including some from the issue currently for sale. Please don't share any of the images.

Note for Zöe: These are guidelines I wrote up about how to match Goodie's style based on looking at their previous issues. If there are any poses, concepts, or ideas outlined  that you're not comfortable shooting, we won't shoot them. We'll have a discussion about boundaries and consent before we start shooting and I won't ask you to go beyond what you're comfortable with.  Saying "no" during the shoot is always okay.

General Theme

Given the rustic treehouse location, I'm thinking of taking a "lumberjack chic" approach for the clothed and partially clothed shots. Going too polished or glam would be at odds with and fight the environment, which is comfortable, rustic, and laid-back. Sexy lingerie shots will work in the loft bedroom shots, but the bulk of the shots should be more relaxed and comfortable rather than glam, though an occasional peek of sexy underwear underneath the comfortable clothing could be interesting.

Think flannel and fleece, but with a little naughty underneath.

Overall, I think the words for this shoot are: comfortable, warm, outdoorsy, casual, relaxed… but still sexy. An L.L. Bean or Patagonia vibe. The sexiness will come mostly from the shoot being a bit voyeuristic rather than because the outfit or location are glamorous. Some of the bedroom loft shots can be more traditional glamour.



Goodie's Style

The shoot is for Goodies magazine. The magazine's motto is:

Be Nude; Live Free; Smile; and Have Fun

They give photographers a lot of freedom, but there are some common traits to most of their pictorials, which we should try and emulate if we can, such as:

  • They usually start with some clothed shots, but the clothed shots are rarely more than 25% of the overall pictorial (with fully clothed shots being an even smaller percent). The focus is primarily on the nude shots.
  • The bulk of the images could best be described as "nude lifestyle" photos - pictures of the model doing fairly normal, everyday things in the nude, but in interesting locations with interesting composition, framing, and lighting.
  • Each pictorial starts with an introduction page with the model's name (or modeling name). This shot is usually either an interesting portrait/head shot or a full-body nude or implied nude. Sometimes, the intro page is a two-page spread, so landscape shots are okay. We should keep an eye out for opportunities to create interesting full body shots and portraits for the intro.
  • The magazine uses variant covers, typically one for each model. The cover shot has similar criteria to the intro shot, but usually don't feature full nudity. We should also keep an eye out for shots that would make a good cover photo.
  • Often, the pictorials include some abstract bodyscapes or "fragments" - shots intentionally framed to include only part of the body.
  • Optional: The magazine does have a sensual edge and caters to the male gaze but their pictorials have a very different feel compared with current issues of magazines like Hustler or Penthouse. There are no spread (or "pink") shots in Goodies, no shots with penetration, and no extreme genital close-ups.  However, most pictorials do feature a few shots that are somewhat suggestive - images that imply sexuality or that might cause the reader to think about specific sex acts. They have and will run pictorials that don't include these playful, suggestive shots, but they are a bit of a signature for Goodies, so if model is okay with it, we should try to include a few.

Shoot Output

  • The shoot needs to produce enough photographs in enough different poses and locations to fill at least 15 (but as many as 25) magazine pages. Realistically, that means no less than 30-40 distinct, publishable shots, and probably more like 50-75, which means the shoot itself should produce at least 500-750 shots.
  • In each shoot location, we should shoot 3-5 minutes of video footage before moving to the next location to use to promote the magazine and shoot.
  • If model is comfortable with it, some BTS footage would also be useful for promotional purposes. Could set up one or two cameras on tripods, either doing real-time or time-laps.

Rough Schedule

  • Setup time (no model): 12:30 - 1:00pm
  • Paperwork: 1:00 - 1:05
  • Consent/Boundaries Discussion: 1:05 - 1:10
  • Makeup/Hair: 1:10 - 1:20pm
  • Outdoor, Exterior Stairs, Patio Shooting: 1:20-2:00
  • Exterior Balcony Shots: 2:00 - 2:15
  • Interior Balcony & Ladder: 2:15 - 2:35
  • Interior Main Living Area: 2:35 - 3:05.
  • Interior Loft & inside stairs: 3:05 - 3:35
  • Interior Bathroom: 3:35 - 4:00
  • Tear down (no model): 4:00 - 4:30

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Vary expressions between shots. from serene to happy to mischievous to coy. This is a vacation location. Model should seem relaxed and like she's enjoying the solitude but also managing some fun. Maybe she's up to a little mischief in some of them.
  • Keep an eye out for interesting angles and ways to use environmental elements in foreground of shots.
  • Don't only do full-body shots, remember to do close-up head shots and body fragments, as well as some distant shots showing off the environment.
  • Video. Take distant establishing shots, full frame shots, face and body closeups, and some "pan the body" shots, slow pans across the length or width of the model's body, slowing the pan when we get to her face. Consider shooting 120fps for these.

Shot List

The following list is guidance - not a check-list - of shots we can try in the different locations. This is primarily something to refer to during the shoot if not sure what to do next.

  • Outdoor, Exterior Stairs, Patio
    • On stairs, clothed
    • Nude at top of stairs, clothing items draped on stairs, as if model took them off while walking up
    • Sitting/lounging on spiral stairs, nude or clothed.
    • Patio shots - lounging on furniture
    • Laying on brickwork, taken from patiod above
    • Long lens, low ƒ-stop shots, portrait and/or full-body, with treehouse or foothills in background
    • Model in front of small Background, taken from very far away so background stand and foothills are visible.
    • Video: Distant shots of model looking at foothills, some face pans, full body shots, body pans around patio, on stairs.
  • Exterior Balcony & Ladder Shots
    • On the balcony distant shot
    • On the balcony and ladder, closeup with long lens.
    • On the ladder, from below and above
    • On balcony, using binoculars, from below or from ladder
    • Leaning on railing having a coffee or other drink, maybe bottomless with shirt for some shots
    • Arms spread out, soaking up sun (if it's sunny)
    • Crouched down, looking through the slats of the balcony railing, try from below and maybe shoot from the ladder.
    • Video: Climbing lader, body pan on the ladder, distant video from below.
  • Interior Balcony Shots
    • Wide angle shots from behind, showing the landscape
    • Some close up 3/4 an head shots done with longest lens, lowest possible ƒ-stop that works in the space to bokeh the background.
    • Laying on a towel, soaking up sun. Maybe 50/50 glycerine to water spray on skin (subject to model approval)
    • Video: Close-up body pan up/down, medium balcony pan, pan/zoom in to face, subject to one side to show off view, laying on towel body pan from above.
  • Interior Main Living Area Shots
    • Use the window seat, laying, sitting, etc.
      • Taken from the same level
      • Taken from the loft
    • Using the computer?
    • Framed by the stain glass window, head shots, 3/4, maybe some full body if possible
    • Standing, arms sprea out, looking up, taken from loft
    • Hiding behind the tree
    • Laying on the hardwood floor, taken from above.
    • Video: Lounging on the window seat, laying down body pan. Slow pan in on face, breaking into smile part way
  • Interior Loft & Insisde Stairs
    • There is no picture of the inside stairs, so hard to plan stair shots, but use them if they're interesting
    • On bed
      • Sitting
      • Laying
      • Getting dressed/undressed
      • Lingerie shots
      • Silhoutted by window light
      • Lit from the front
      • Using binoculars out the window
    • Video: Medium shot, lounging, close up shot looking out window, body pan from front, body pan from above.
  • Interior Bathroom
    • Shots looking in mirror
    • Standing in doorway, taken from outside
    • Brushing teeth shots, some with toothpaste dribbling out
    • Taking a shower maybe (subject to model approval)
    • Standing in shower, nude, with swim goggles around neck, arms crossed, head cocked to side, looking at camera (subject to model approval)
    • With towel around body
    • High FPS sequence, dropping towel
    • Video: Slow pan into mirror. Body pan up. Slow pan in shower (subject to model approval)

Location Photos

Outdoor, exterior stairs, Patio

Balcony and Ladder

Indoor Main Living Area

Loft Bedroom


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