The Rescue of Sensual Bambii

Photo Post Nov 21, 2020

Sometimes for fun and practice, I'll try to "rescue" a shot from my library that has something I like about it, but overall is just not a good picture. The raw image I started with for the image in this post was way underexposed, taken from a weird angle, and included a chunk of a softbox in the frame, but, I mean... just look at Bambii's amazing expression and pose! It's just so tremendously sensual, so I wanted to see if I could salvage a good image from it.

I didn't have very high hopes, but with a lot of work, I actually really like the end result.

I went to post this on Instagram — censored, of course — but with the new rules that just went into affect, I figured this might cross a line. I've been very lucky with my current IG account and haven't gotten any warnings in quite a while, but I feel like this one would be tempting fate, so I'm posting here instead of risking it.


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