Sunrise from the Boardwalk (2019)

Photo Post Jul 25, 2020

Taking landscapes isn't generally my thing. The thought of lugging equipment out to some remote location in hopes that maybe nature will cooperate and give me an opportunity for a great picture has just never really appealed to me all that much.

When it comes down to it, I like photographing people. But sometimes, lightning strikes, proverbially speaking.

This particular image is from a trip to Walt Disney World in early 2019. My family was staying at the Boardwalk Resort in a room that didn't have a particularly great view; it mostly looked out over an enormous parking lot.

After the first night, I woke up well before dawn for no particular reason. It was early enough that nothing was open yet. I couldn't get breakfast, or even caffeine, and the rest of my family were still sound asleep. So, I grabbed my laptop and went out onto the balcony to kill some time.

As the first bits of light crept over the horizon, it was obvious that it was going to be an unusually colorful sunrise, so I quietly grabbed my camera. The bright orange sun transformed the giant parking lot into something much more interesting and the newly installed supports for the Disney Skyliner Gondolas added visual interest by breaking up the horizon line.


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