Squirt Gun Kelly before she was Squirt Gun Kelly

Photo Post Mar 27, 2020

A few years ago, when I decided to get back into photography after a rather long hiatus, I signed up for a photography Meetup group. I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some people and start building a new portfolio. The Meetup was, in many ways, a bit of a disaster (and is one of the reasons why I won't typically do Meetups or group shoots any more). It wasn't a total loss, however. The model really impressed the hell out of me.

It took over two and a half years before we would work together again, but I finally shot with her just a few weeks ago. I will post some pictures from that shoot soon, but I thought it would be an interesting contrast to first post a few images from that original shoot.

I was a little hesitant to post this early work of mine, given both that the shooting conditions were less than ideal, and the fact that they were some of the first images I had taken—other than snapshots and family photos—in about twenty years.

With five people crammed into a tiny hotel room and only a single low-power strip box for lighting, I had to be a little creative to get interesting shots. All things considered, I think they came out pretty okay, but Madison deserves most of the credit for that. She's ridiculously good in front of the camera and really photogenic.

I'll post some images from our more recent shoot in the next week or so. I hope you all are staying safe out there in these crazy times.

If you're curious about the title of this post, Madison goes by the Instagram handle @squirt.gun.kelly these days, but at the time of this shoot, she was going by a different name: @empyrean.soul.


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