Shoot Proposal: @apocalyptic_royalty

Here are some shoot concepts that have been bouncing around my head. Some of the inspiration images do feature nudity, but I will never ask or expect nudity from you during a TFP shoot. The images are more about the general feel or vibe of the concept, or are included to illustrate one particular aspect (e.g. the lighting). I have no interest in trying to exactly replicate any of the inspo images, so don't take anything in the inspiration shots as gospel.

As we discussed, I would be very happy to do part of the shoot as a paid shoot if you're interested in also doing nude versions of some or all of the sets we decide on.

Somewhat related: I have a page that talks a bit about working with me as a photographer and answers some common questions models have when working with a new photographer.

Shoot Ideas

Here are tI've tried to include inspiration images when I could find them. I'm also always open to winging it for part of the shoot and seeing what we can come up with using whatever clothing/accessories items you bring and what's available at the studio.

I can flesh out and sketch out any ideas that seem promising and I am always open to suggestions. I'm also 100% open to any of your ideas.

We most likely wouldn't be able to execute all of these ideas during a single shoot, but I wanted to give several options to make it more likely we'd find ideas we both like. Some of the ideas also require more setup and planning than others.

Retro Girl

You specifically called out the 70's style soft-focus shots I took of @girlphotographed, so I wanted to include a concept that used that teqchnique. I think it might be fun to use that effect to do kind of a late 70's, early 80's themed shoot. The studio has a very 70s-looking couch and some other vintage accessories and furniture, so I could set dress the studio to look like a 70s  living room or basement, and combine that with some 70s-looking clothing, gear and accessories: like maybe an Atari or Star Wars shirt combined with tennis shorts or bellbottoms, maybe find a vintage magazine or two, etc.

The styling of the shoot would be different than this, but we'd be going for a similar soft focus feel to the shots to make them feel retro.

Some misc. inspiration shots:

Black and Bling

The other shots you specifically mentioned were some of my low-key shots (black background).  We could get an assortment of matte black clothing items (I'll provide anything you don't already have in your wardrobe) - e.g. black tank top or tube top, long black gloves, a black choker, black lingerie, black shorts, black capris pants, black corsette, etc., and mix-and-match those with some over-sized sparkly jewelry.

With low-key lighting, flat black clothing items essentially disappear, so we could make different parts of you disappear in different shots and use the jewelry as a focal point and splash of color. We could also put some supplemental lights directly on the larger jewelry pieces to really make them catch the light and sparkle.

You can see the way black clothing disappears in this kind of lighting here:

Here's another shoot I did with a similar concept, but it also shows the importance of using flat black items and not satin, silk, or similarly shiny materials, because the gloves didn't end up disappearing the way I wanted them to.

Here's a shot from movie that uses the same basic idea to give a Venus de Milo effect:

Gobo Fun

Another low key lighting option that can be fun is playing with the light using gobos (stencils that block out some of the light to create different shapes). Here are a couple images I did using a venetian blind gobo a few years ago:

Silhouette Gel Shots

I've really been wanting to play around with colored gels more. I'd like to do a similar lighting setup to this shot, using complementary colors for the kickers and the front lights:

I don't want to exactly replicate the shot above, but I do really like the color and lighting choices.

The Namesake Shot

This isn't a fully fleshed-out idea, but I really like your IG name and think we might be able to take some inspiration from "Apocalyptic Royalty" to do something fun, though I'm not 100% sure what yet. Maybe we could combine a glittery crown or regal clothing with some grungey Mad Max style post-apocalyptic clothing items or props. Need to think more on this, but I feel like there might be something there that could be fun.

Caustics Shots

While experimenting with lighting during a recent shoot involving reflections, I discovered a fairly effective technique for creating caustic lighting effects, similar to what you'd get from light reflecting off of water. In that shoot, the caustics were used as an accent feature, bu I'd love to try using the caustics as a more prominent component of the lighting. The intensity of the caustics would be much greater than the image below. I might try combining this caustic lighting with reflections (similar to what I did in the linked shoot), and possibly combining that with  some fog/haze effects.

Caustics cast from bounching strobes off of mylar foil.
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