Goodies Pictorial - Option 1

There's a location in Berkely I've been wanting to shoot at for a while. It's an AirBNB with a very vintagey,  1920s / 1930s vibe to it. I want to take light inspiration from popular 1920s and 1930s nude photography (see mood board below), but still do a modern shoot in color with dynamic poses and more interesting composition than those old images. A very subtle homage.

I normally avoid AirBnBs for shoots, but I've spoken with the host of this one and they are 100% okay with me using the space for the shoot.

Pictures of the Location

Possible Shot Ideas

  • Use the Space -  I'd utiliize as much of the space for photos as possible, with standing shots, shots on the red couch, shots on the bed, shots in front of the books, shots in various chairs, etc.
  • Fireplace - Shots in front of the fireplace, reading, napping, silhoutted.
  • Up Angle Shots - The room has a lot of decorations on the ceiling — beads, tapestries, and chandeliers — so I'd probably try to work in some low angle shots so those become and interesting background.
  • Through the Beads - Because the room has a number of tapestries and beads and other decorative elements. There should be opportunities for some interesting depth of field shots that incorporate those decorative elements in the foreground or background of images.
  • Use the Mirror - There's a large, full-length vintage mirror with a dark hardwood frame that could be used to frame some really interesting shots.
  • Pearls, Pearls, Pearls - Long strands of pearls seem to be a recurring theme in nude photographs from the late teens through the nineteen thirties. Pairing a bunch of (faux) pearl strands with vintage black lace, or having enough pearls that they can be used for some implied shots could be fun. This has possibilities both for standing and lounging shots.
  • In the Doorway - The space has two rooms that are separated by a wide set of pocket doors. It could be fun to do some nude "in the doorway" shots. For reference, think Christine Ricci in Z: The Beginning of Everything or Margot Robie in The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Couch Lounging - Lounging in various states of dress on the red leather couch, some with limbs hanging off, some on stomach, some laying  on back, some seated or refclined, maybe reading, etc. Maybe even some under the couch.
  • Shower/Bath Shots - Possibly consider doing some  shower or bath shots at the end if model is okay with it and the bathroom is large enough to make it work well. The listing has no good pictures of the bathroom space, so this idea may not work at all, but might be worth doing if the tub or shower are at all visually interesting. If we do, should be last shots of the day.

Pose Mood Board


Vintage Inspiration Mood Board

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