More Boxes of Bent

Blog Post Mar 26, 2022

This BentBox thing is new to me, so I'm throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see if anything sticks. I've put up two more boxes, each taking a slightly different approach than my first box.

Madeline in the Green Room Box

The second box I posted is of Madeline Amour (aka MadelineHunny, aka PrincessPisces8 - IG keeps taking her accounts down 😢). This box contains 29 edited, high resolution (3000x4000) images. This box features some shots that are a bit more explicit poses than what I normally post. I want to see which style of nudes sell better.

Click Image to go to this box.

By the way, Madeline also has two sets (set 1, set 2) over on Playboy Plus by Cassandra Keys, if you want to see more of her.

Quinn on Rodeo Beach at Golden Hour

For the third box, I took a slightly different approach. These are of Quinn (aka GirlPhotographed), taken as the sun was setting over Rodeo Beach. These images really didn't need much editing, so I decided to post nearly the entire unedited, full resolution (8256x5504) set. I removed shots where I missed focus, missed exposure, or caught a wonky expression, but otherwise, this box contains nearly every single nude shot I took of her on Rodeo Beach.

Click image to go to this box.

A fellow photographer who sells a fair amount through BentBox told me that large sets of unedited or lightly edited shots tend to sell best for him, so this box is to test if that's true for me. I don't typically like posting studio or indoor shots completely unedited, but these golden hour shots were pretty awesome right out of the camera.

Becca Ann Box

While you're hear, I'll throw in a reminder that my first box — the yellow background shots of Becca Ann — is available also. This set is more typical of the work I post to social media, only higher resolution (3000x4000) and uncensored. Several of the images in this box have never been posted to social media.

Click image to go to box.

What About the Name?

You might be wondering why my account on BentBox is called "The Body Cult". When I first got back into photography, I decided to post anonymously and used the name "BodyCult". After just a couple weeks, I decided not to stay anonymous and switched to using my real name for all of my social media accounts

The name was inspired by a quote attributed to Auguste Rodin. A literal translation of the quote is:

I have unbounded admiration for the nude. I worship it like a god

The idea of worshipping the body rather than a deity resonated with me for some reason, so I derived my pseudonym from it. Although I have no plans to return to anonymous posting, I did want a name distinct from my real name for BentBox so that I'd have the freedom to post whatever I want without having to worry about more explicit images coming up in web searches for my name.


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