Low Key Anonymous

Photo Post May 2, 2020

This model has requested that I not include her name when I post nude images of her. She's focusing on fashion and other non-nude modeling these days and would prefer if her nudes don't come up when people search for her name.

Technical Details

I set up a standard four-light configuration (key, fill, hairlight, and kicker) for the shots on this page. The key light in all of these shots was a 600 watt second studio strobe with a 48" soft box fired at ½ power from camera left. The fill light was also a 600 watt second strobe with a 48" soft box fired at ¼ power from camera right. There was also a 200 watt second hairlight and a 200 watt kicker on her body.

Unfortunately, it was a brutally hot summer day and the studio I had at the time was not air conditioned. It was just sweltering, and the lights kept overheating and shutting off. Many shots ended up with some subset of the four lights actually firing.


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