Laura and the Red Skulls

Photo Post Aug 9, 2020

These shots of Laura New are from a few years ago. Toward the very end of the shoot—we literally had about five minutes left—I had run out of ideas and was going to just end early. Then, I noticed this sheer black fabric with red accents hanging up on the wall at the studio I was renting. I thought it looked cool, so I threw it to Laura and asked her to improvise with it.

Now, my camera has a built-in diopter, so I typically don't wear my glasses when I'm shooting. As a result, I honestly had no idea that the red accents on the fabric were skulls until I got home and started editing the photos.

Technical Details

The key light in all of these shots was a 600 watt second studio strobe with a 7' parabolic umbrella with a diffuser just to my left. I did not use a fill light, but I did use two large strip boxes as separation lights: one on each side behind the model.

All of these were shot between 𝒇5 and 𝒇8 at 1/250s.

I actually had to photoshop the striplights used as kickers out of two of the shots above.


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