Juno and the Late Afternoon Rainbows

Photo Post Jan 6, 2020

Juno is a very versatile local model and an all-around lovely person. I've been fortunate enough to shoot with her a couple of times now and always enjoy getting to create with her. This particular series was a bit of a happy accident. We'd been shooting for a few hours at my friend Cat's studio in Oakland. We were nearing the end of our shoot, when I noticed rainbows all over the walls. The late afternoon sun shining in this one window that had prism stickers all over it, was throwing rainbows all over the studio.

I was unsure how long the rainbows would stick around, but I knew that the studio lights would overpower them, so I turned them off and we went and shot using natural light by the window for the rest of the shoot. I didn't even bother with a background; we just used the bare drywall that's normally hidden by seamless paper or muslin.

When I first looked through the images from this shoot, I didn't really like the rainbow shots and I kept skipping over them. Over time, they started to grow on me, and after playing around with a few editing options, they eventually became some of my favorite images from the shoot.

You can find more Juno on Instagram and on her Patreon. You should check her out.

Technical Details

These were all natural light shots at ISO 400, taken between 𝒇2.8 and 𝒇4 at between 1/500s and 1/1000s.


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