Goodies Pictorial - Option 3

Treehouse Shoot

Just East of San Jose, there's a treehouse in the foothills with great views looking down on Silicon Valley. The treehouse is on secluded, private land and could be a really interesting location since it allows for both indoor some scenic outdoor shots.

The space is nice but rustic. Need to think about what kind of props, accessories, and clothes will work here. Possibly hiker or hippy chic? [General vibe & concept TBD]. I don't think this shoot necessarily needs a fully fleshed out concept or theme, as we can focus on using the space and surrounding environment to frame shots in interesting ways and make the location the theme.

The host has offered to let me come see the space in advance. I'll visit and get a feel for what time of day would give the best light both indoors and out. For the shoot, I'll bring lighting gear so we won't be completely at the mercy of the sun, but it looks like it should be possible to shoot primarily with natural light for the outdoor and most of the indoor shots.

Because of how small the space is, some of the indoor shots will have to be taken using a fairly wide-angle lens, so we may need to do a keystone adjustment in post on some of the indoor shots.

Possible Shot Ideas

  • From the Loft - Shots taken from the loft of the model lounging on furniture, doing everyday tasks like putting a kettle of water on the stove, reading a book.. Maybe use the tree branches that pass through the space to obscure, or as foreground or background elements
  • On the Spiral Stairs - The spiral staircase leading up to the treehouse could offer some really interesting framing both for close-up and distance shots.
  • Framed in Light - The bed in front of the three windows should offer pretty amazing natural light. The interesting ceiling shape can probably be incorporated as a background for some low angle shots.
  • Windblown - this location is very likely to be gusty since it's near the top of the East Foothills. Could get some interesting shots with the wind whipping about hair and maybe a long flowing nightgown or robe or something.
  • Morning Coffee -  with a cup of coffee on the balcony, taking in the view. Some in maybe a robe, some robe open, some nude. Combine some shots from a distance down the hill, others taken up close from the balcony, or from inside the treehouse.
  • [more tbd]


  • The entire treehouse is only 250 ft², so indoor shooting will be a bit cramped. The host says it can comfortably accommodoate four people, so it's probably fine and I have a fair bit of experience shooting in smaller spaces.


  • Listing doesn't specifically state their nudity policy, but I confirmed with host that they are 100% fine with using the space for a nude photoshoot.

Mood Board

[More TBD]

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