This blog is self-hosted using the Ghost publishing platform. It features a lightly modified version of the Liebling theme.

My images are organized and edited in Capture One Pro, sometimes with additional editing work in Adobe Photoshop CC. Any videos I post will have been edited in DaVinci Resolve Studio unless they're quick phone captures, in which case they'll be posted directly from the iPhone Camera or Photos app.

I host my own photographs and videos and do not intentionally use any trackers or analytics. Some of the site's fonts are referenced from Google Fonts, but that should be the only cross-site reference other than clickable links. If you find any trackers or cross-site cookies, please let me know so I can remove them.

All images and text posted to this blog are original works created by me unless I specifically say otherwise, in which case they are used with permission or under the fair use doctrine.

My original work is copyrighted, all rights reserved. If you wish to reprint one of my blog posts and/or use one of my images elsewhere, drop me an e-mail with the details and there's a pretty good chance I'll let you, as long as I'm credited and you don't require restrictions on my ability to publish the image.

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