Camille's Milk Bath

Photo Post Sep 5, 2020

These pictures are from an older shoot. This was probably the third or fourth I did after getting back into photography after my long break. This was the first indoor "on location" shoot I did after getting back into things (as opposed to in a studio or outdoors), and it presented some new challenges, mostly around how to get decent lighting in cramped spaces with no natural light. These bathtub shots were the most challenging ones of the shoot, but also undoubtedly the best ones.

These were taken in a tiny, overwhelmingly white bathroom; there wasn't room to fit even a single strobe in there with me. The bathroom also had no windows, so using natural light was out of the question and I didn't want to use on-camera flash, because it's just generally not very flattering light.

After a little experimentation, I realized I could set up a large strobe in the hallway, angle it up, crank the power, and bounce the light off the white ceiling to give the whole room soft, even lighting.

The bathtub was filled with water and about a half-gallon of almond milk, which is what gives the water that bluish-white cast.


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