Bex at the Shoot from Hell™

Photo Post Feb 15, 2020

These shots of Becca (aka Bex)are from way back in March of 2018. This shoot was probably only the fourth or fifth one I did after getting back into photography and it wasn't exactly a smooth shoot, to put it mildly.

Another photographer had rented an AirBnB. He had talked with the host and was very up front about exactly what we were planning to do, how many people would be there, and even arranged to take some updated photos for their AirBNB listing. Everything seemed cool.⁣⁣

⁣Unfortunately, when we arrived, the space was a whole lot smaller than it looked from the listing pictures and it had the most generic and boring furniture and decorations you can imagine. It was really challenge trying to get decent images in such a cramped space. The only way I was able to get full body shots in the bedroom was by shooting into a mirrored closet door instead of directly shooting the model.⁣

⁣About an hour into the shoot, shit got a little crazy. Turns out, the host wasn’t the owner of the house: He was subletting from someone who lived right next door and who was ultra conservative. The owner knocked on the door, yelled at us, told us what we were doing was illegal (hardly), threatened to call the police on us, and insisted we immediately GTFO. All during this, Bex and another model were naked and trying to stay out of sight of the crazy yelling dude.⁣

Good times.


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