Bambii on the Rocks

Photo Post Jan 2, 2020

This outdoor shoot was one of the most frustrating that I've done, mostly because I didn't do any proper planning or location scouting ahead of time and also because I underestimated just how popular Santa Cruz can be on a sunny, summer, weekend. The plan was to shoot a bit among the redwoods, and then head to one of the many clothing-optional beaches North of Santa Cruz. But, everywhere we went was incredibly busy. The first several places were far too busy for us to attempt to shoot, and even the beaches had no available parking.

We tried every location either of us could think of and found the same thing pretty much everywhere we went: tons of people, no parking. We drove around aimlessly for a while, then tried a trailhead that did have parking available. After a bit of walking, we were ready to give up and call the shoot a bust, but then we came across a relatively secluded cliff overlooking the ocean just before sunset. We started shooting and got some lovely sunset shots, but after just a few minutes of shooting, the sun was gone and it started getting dark.

Thanks to the wonders of modern camera sensors, we were able to continue shooting for a little while after the sun dipped below the horizon. In reality, it was much, much darker than it looks in the images above. Camera sensors have come a long way, and I really like the lush, soft, low-contrast images we got after the sun went down.

Bambii was an absolute trouper throughout. She allowed me to shoot well after it was warm enough to be standing naked on a cliff by the ocean. She was also completely unconcerned by the group of sunset watchers who intruded on our shooting spot.

Technical Details

This entire shoot was taken with only natural light. As we shot, I had to periodically increase the ISO to be able to shoot. The last images of the day were taken at ISO 6400 and 1/50s.


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