Jessica Lynette Brooks and the Alien Tee

Photo Post Jan 11, 2020

Jessica is a traveling model based out of the Pacific Northwest. I shot with her up in San Francisco a few months back, shortly after badly herniating my L1-S1 disc. In layman's terms, that means I threw out my back. Hard.

Short of an apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, whatever), I don't like to cancel shoots, especially those with traveling models, but going ahead with this particular shoot definitely made for a challenging day. I limited myself to a single strobe because I had to lug my equipment up to a second-floor rental studio. I also stuck with pretty straightforward camera angles: no lying on the ground or climbing on top of things to frame more interesting shots.

This particular set were the very first images we took together. These were the warmup, get-to-know-each-other part of the shoot. They're simple, but I still like them.


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